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Keep track of patient data, secure their private information, and enable new digital services, all with one tool. JetBase’s EMR systems are an all-in-one way to improve patients’ care.

What Our EHR Software Development Company Delivers

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Regulatory Compliance

Any development in the medical field requires extensive research to ensure solutions comply with local regulations. JetBase has worked on a variety of medical software and has experience tailoring it to HIPAA and other important legislation.

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Full Data Security

Similar to compliance, several layers of security are imperative to protect patient data. Our team will implement encryption, tiered access, and authentication procedures to guarantee that your system is airtight.

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Multi-Platform Solutions

Our developers work with a variety of devices, from mobile to PCs, and create native apps that emphasize performance and high polish. As a result, your software will be convenient to use regardless of your device of choice.

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Complete Integration

The only way to get full value out of EMR software development is to ensure it works tightly within your existing system. JetBase can integrate this new solution with your other software and medical devices to sync data processing and allow access to more features.

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Task Automation

While it’s not necessarily the core goal, EHR software development can help healthcare providers by automating minute tasks. This frees doctors to focus on more complex operations and pay more attention to patients.

Choose JetBase for EMR Software Development


Quality Assured

Extensive testing, rigorous quality control, and developers who love their job - that’s our secret to delivering polished, high-end products. Your EMR system might literally save lives with its quality, and you can only get this level of diligence when you work with JetBase.

Decade of Skill

Through more than ten years of EMR software development, JetBase has found its own style and approach while always keeping a close eye on the market. We understand the history of this software and see its future potential.

Transparency Guaranteed

Our project managers will keep you in the loop, and you will have the full ability to adjust course or communicate your wishes directly to an EMR developer. You will know the total budget breakdown and exact deadlines, as JetBase believes in complete transparency.

Commitment to the Client

JetBase is an ambitious company but we understand that not everyone wants to experiment and go off the tried-and-true path. Our developers will closely follow your vision and ensure that the end-result is exactly what you wanted.

Benefits of Working with JetBase

Embrace New Tech

EHR software development should always rely on the newest developments to make these solutions more effective. With our skills, you can expect AI-powered features and the latest advances in data security. Forward-thinking is part of our ethos.

Stick to the Budget

Our team can effectively meet ambitious deadlines and reach the highest quality within your budget. If your EHR development needs to fit into certain limits, you can expect JetBase to accommodate them 100%.

Full Onboarding

Getting used to a whole new system may be challenging, but not when you have the EHR developer guiding the process. We’ll happily onboard your team and show them the intricacies of our new solutions.

Telemedicine Capabilities

Our EHR software development company has worked on a variety of telemedicine solutions and can thus add that functionality to your solution. We know how to efficiently process video and audio streams, as well as handle recording and data synchronization.

What Does EMR Software Achieve?

Higher Quality Care

EHR software development centers around understanding patients and their medical histories better, as well as speeding up bureaucratic and admin parts of the process. As a result, you can get to a patient quicker and diagnose them more precisely.

Harnessing IoT Powers

Plenty of medical devices are IoT-based nowadays and having the ability to process their data and integrate it in your decision-making can be vital. You’ll be able to keep track of patients’ statuses and assign medication and procedures through their own devices.

Lower Cost of Care

You’ll need to pay for fewer working hours as a direct result of automation. The software also eliminates the need for physical document keeping, as well as reliance on third-party solutions. Having your own custom EMR software development lets you really cut into your expenses.

Easier Billing

Handling payment requests and processing insurance policies is a major time investment but one that you can’t avoid. However, with EHR software development, you can use templates and AI to automate many of these responsibilities.

Our Success as an EHR Software Development Company

Technologies We Use for EHR Software Development

Hire Our Developers for EHR Software Development

Witness firsthand what a team with a decade of experience can deliver: AI-powered features, full system integration, and multi-platform support. Your EHR solution will cover all aspects of medical work and provide data security, as well as optimization of daily tasks. This is all a result of EHR software development done by JetBase - a squad of true professionals.

Collaboration Models

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When working within the outsourcing model, we thoroughly handle specific tasks or complete projects for our clients, leveraging our specialized resources and knowledge.

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Through outstaffing, JetBase makes it possible to augment your workforce with our experienced professionals, eliminating the challenges of direct hiring.

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Dedicated Team

If you opt for the dedicated team model, JetBase provides a select group of our specialists working exclusively on your project. We ensure tailored solutions and continuous collaboration.

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Working with JetBase has been a pleasure. The team are responsive and deliver exceptional quality work. We approached the company with the aim of revitalizing and rejuvenating our edtech startup. Creating a user-friendly product from something complex can be quite challenging, but the team tackled this task with remarkable skill. Many thanks to them! The redesigned Validate Startup platform has significantly improved the learning experience for business students. By integrating technology with education, we have made complex business concepts engaging and easily understandable.
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Joshua Bicknell



Working with JetBase has been an absolute game-changer for our business. Their web development expertise is second to none, and they’ve consistently delivered outstanding results. From the initial project scoping to the final product launch, their team’s professionalism and attention to detail have truly impressed us. They have a deep understanding of our vision and have translated it into a stunning, user-friendly website that has greatly improved our online presence. JetBase is not just a web development agency; they are our trusted partner in achieving our digital goals. We highly recommend them to anyone seeking top-notch web development services.
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Mohammed Aloui



JetBase has given me great engineering support to augment my international team. I would highly recommend them.
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Brady Uselman


Oil Command

Looking for a software development partner for my unique project was tough since nothing like it really existed at that time. The JetBase team, with their awesome tech experience, totally got what I was aiming for. They jumped right in, helped me nail down what we needed for our MVP, and turned my big dreams into something real. They quickly got all the requirements sorted and brought the project to life. Huge shoutout to the team! I'm confident that if I ever kick off another startup, JetBase is going to be on my shortlist of tech partners!
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Andrew Shindyapin


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