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Our Expertise in HR Software Development Services

Performance Tracking

Our engineers can build an extensive employee work monitoring system to help your HR department evaluate staff performance. Solutions from JetBase follow several metrics and aggregate them from the entire company. AI-powered analysis will give you a clear picture of your company’s successes.

Payroll Functionality

Keep tabs on each department’s budget, automatically process taxes, and provide timely employee payouts, all within one solution. Our software prevents miscalculations and makes paydays easier to get through.

Information Protection

We put an emphasis on security in all of our solutions, guaranteeing that your employees’ data will be safe. Tiered access and full encryption guarantee that you’ll always know who can see and work with your company information.

Precise Time Logging

Tying into performance assessments, our software’s time-logging capabilities allow you to verify your employees’ working hours and time spent on projects. As a result, you can understand each department’s workload precisely and assign tasks accordingly, all thanks to HR software development.

Regulation Compliance

Working with sensitive data like employees’ personal information requires special treatment to ensure compliance with regulatory standards. JetBase can consult you on best practices and implement measures to establish compliance in your system.

Choose JetBase for Human Resource Management Software Development


Decade of Experience

JetBase has been delivering refined solutions that surpass client expectations for ten years. Our extensive portfolio and diverse tech stack show how experienced our team is, and you can test this first-hand with your most challenging projects.

Focus on Quality

We don’t rush jobs or settle for the bare minimum in HR software development, our engineers are laser-focused on knowing what you want and going above that. Our team does extensive testing and always brainstorms ways to deliver the product you want with the extra functionality you need.

Clear Communication

Full transparency between the client and the team is vital for a project’s success. We provide regular progress reports, schedule calls, and consult our customers on all major decisions. With JetBase, you will never miss anything in the development process and will have full control all the way.

Clients Come First

Although we love to innovate and add our own spin to the projects we tackle, JetBase always puts the customer’s opinion first. We’ll listen to your ideas and implement them according to your vision. It’s important for us to retain our client’s brand identity in any projects we do.

Benefits of Working with JetBase

Long-Term Support

We are committed to supporting any project we work on for as long as necessary, with regular bug fixes and feature updates. This way, your solution won’t become outdated or run into trouble due to changes in your system.

Multiplatform Solutions

JetBase’s engineers have worked with various platforms and technologies, making us the perfect team for HR software development that reaches across devices and limitations. Whether you want an IoT-integrated mobile app for your employees or a sprawling data-processing HR solution, we can deliver.

Forward-Thinking Solutions

Our HR software development company is fully on board with trends in the industry, such as AI-powered software and process automation. If you want your HR software development to be on the cutting edge of functionality, JetBase is the way to go.

Custom Bot Development

Robot-powered automation, or RPA, is practically essential nowadays to save the HR department time. We can create tailored bots that match your company’s automation needs and eliminate repetitive tasks in management and payroll.

Why Do You Need HR Software Development Services?

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Faster Recruiting

Finding the right specialist for the job isn’t easy, but HR software development speeds up the process substantially. Your team can easily weed out unfit candidates, share relevant information with the right ones, and establish a database to keep track of people for the future.
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Task Automation

Many HR departments waste precious time on menial tasks like sending out template-based follow-up emails or manually adjusting each candidate’s data. Thankfully, HR-centric bots can do that job nowadays, saving resources for more pressing and complex tasks.
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Streamline Onboarding

HR’s job is far from done when the candidate is hired, so it’s important to make the onboarding process intuitive and helpful. The software can aggregate all relevant information for the new hire, test their knowledge, and track their progress in acclimating to the job.
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Data-Driven Management

Any decision related to expanding or downsizing your staff isn’t easy, but HR solutions offer the kind of analytics that help eliminate uncertainty. Using performance data and metrics like project feedback and hours logged, your HR team can assess an employee’s value to the company and see what can be improved or changed.

Our Success in HR Software Development

Technologies We Use for HR Software Creation

Hire Our Team for HR Software Development Services

In our decade of experience, we learned that quality should always come first. JetBase emphasizes refining every feature, polishing the final product, and making sure that the client gets more than they expected. HR solutions impact your company’s daily operations, and such important software deserves expertise. JetBase is happy to deliver the skills with our HR software development services.
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Collaboration Models



On an outsourcing basis, our experts take on and fully handle specific tasks or projects for you, leveraging our specialized resources and knowledge.


Through outstaffing, JetBase offers our clients the opportunity to augment their workforce with our expert professionals, without the complexities of direct hiring.

Dedicated Team

With the dedicated team model, JetBase provides a select group of our specialists who work exclusively on a client's project, ensuring tailored solutions and continuous collaboration.

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Working with JetBase has been a pleasure. The team are responsive and deliver exceptional quality work. We approached the company with the aim of revitalizing and rejuvenating our edtech startup. Creating a user-friendly product from something complex can be quite challenging, but the team tackled this task with remarkable skill. Many thanks to them! The redesigned Validate Startup platform has significantly improved the learning experience for business students. By integrating technology with education, we have made complex business concepts engaging and easily understandable.
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Joshua Bicknell



Working with JetBase has been an absolute game-changer for our business. Their web development expertise is second to none, and they’ve consistently delivered outstanding results. From the initial project scoping to the final product launch, their team’s professionalism and attention to detail have truly impressed us. They have a deep understanding of our vision and have translated it into a stunning, user-friendly website that has greatly improved our online presence. JetBase is not just a web development agency; they are our trusted partner in achieving our digital goals. We highly recommend them to anyone seeking top-notch web development services.
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Mohammed Aloui



JetBase has given me great engineering support to augment my international team. I would highly recommend them.
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Brady Uselman


Oil Command

Looking for a software development partner for my unique project was tough since nothing like it really existed at that time. The JetBase team, with their awesome tech experience, totally got what I was aiming for. They jumped right in, helped me nail down what we needed for our MVP, and turned my big dreams into something real. They quickly got all the requirements sorted and brought the project to life. Huge shoutout to the team! I'm confident that if I ever kick off another startup, JetBase is going to be on my shortlist of tech partners!
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Andrew Shindyapin


Edible Estate

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