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JetBase team has spent over a decade crafting modern, custom solutions for the healthcare industry.
Our experience with progressive technologies and insider market knowledge let us deliver high-quality healthcare software development for your needs.
Hire our professionals to streamline daily operations, simplify patient data management, and follow all compliance procedures.

JetBase’s Core Skills in Medical Software Development Services

Custom Healthcare Software Development

We provide tailored healthcare software development services for your specific medical needs. Our medical app experts create web, mobile, and desktop applications so you can enhance administrative efficiency, improve patient management, or develop specialized tools for diagnostics and treatment. With this approach, we create impactful solutions that align perfectly with our clients` objectives.

Healthcare Software Consulting

Our custom healthcare software development company offers strategic guidance and expertise to navigate the complexities of integrating technology in healthcare. Our seasoned consultants collaborate with healthcare organizations, providing insights and recommendations to optimize software solutions, enhance operational efficiency, and elevate patient care.

Third-Party Integrations in Healthcare Software Development

Our efficient and compliant connections between diverse medical software and third-party systems are compatible with industry standards and regulations, including HL7/HIPAA.

Legacy Healthcare Software Code Refactoring

We specialize in revamping and upgrading outdated healthcare software codebases that meet modern performance, security, and scalability standards. We transform aging software systems into efficient, future-ready solutions tailored to the dynamic healthcare industry.

Top Features of Custom Healthcare Software Development Services We Offer

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Features of Patient App

  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Telemedicine
  • EHR/EMR Solutions
  • Pill Reminder
  • Wearable Integrations (IoT)
  • One-Click Ambulance
  • Hospital Wayfinding Map (GPS)
  • News Feed
  • Chatbot Assistance
  • AI-Enable Symptom Recognizer (BigData)
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Features of Doctor App

  • Doctor’s Profile
  • Time Management
  • Patient’s Dashboard
  • ePrescription
  • Clinical Photo Capture
  • Medical Calculators
  • Laboratory Test Ordering
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Healthcare Information Systems (HIS)

  • Patient Management
  • Doctor Management
  • Report Management
  • Payment Management
  • Inventory Management


Common Healthcare Challenges Our IT Solutions Can Solve


Manual record-keeping.

Electronic Health Records (EHR) help with efficient storage, retrieval, and sharing of patient information. Also, they reduce errors and administrative burdens compared to paper-based records.

Geographically limited access to medical facilities.

Telemedicine solutions include remote consultations and care delivery that overcome geographical barriers. With them, you can provide access to healthcare services in remote or underserved areas.

Overloaded hospitals and other medical establishments.

Remote patient monitoring solutions let healthcare providers track patient health data outside traditional clinical settings and enable continuous support and timely interventions.

Inefficient communication.

Health Information Exchange (HIE) platforms facilitate the seamless sharing of patient data among healthcare providers, improving communication, care coordination, and decision-making.


Clinical decision support systems utilize AI and data analytics. These tools assist healthcare professionals in making accurate diagnoses and treatment decisions, which reduces errors and improves patient outcomes.

Operational inefficiencies.

Workflow optimization tools automate administrative tasks, scheduling, and billing processes. They reduce paperwork and free up time for healthcare professionals to focus on patient care.

Resource allocation and inventory management.

IT solutions aid in optimizing inventory levels of medical supplies and equipment. They prevent shortages and ensure efficient resource allocation within healthcare facilities.

Language and cultural barriers.

Translation and interpretation tools within healthcare apps or systems facilitate communication between patients and healthcare providers from diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds.

Chronic disease management.

Disease management platforms and remote monitoring technologies help manage chronic conditions by tracking patients' health metrics and providing personalized care plans.

Lack of mental health support.

Telepsychiatry and mental health apps provide remote counseling, therapy sessions, and mental health resources. They offer support and access to mental healthcare services.

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Benefits of Healthcare Software Development with JetBase

Proven Healthcare Development Experience

We rely on our time-proven expertise to understand healthcare regulations, deliver projects efficiently, and craft secure, industry-specific solutions that meet the unique needs of healthcare providers.

HIPAA Compatibility

We ensure that the company's products or services comply with stringent regulations concerning protecting and disclosing sensitive patient health information.

Products Accessibility

Our products consider various disabilities, language preferences, age groups, and technological proficiency levels. The apps we make are usable and beneficial for a wide range of users. They don’t exclude anyone based on their differences.

Serverless Solutions

We have expertise in leveraging serverless architectures, enabling faster development, reduced operational overhead, and improved scalability. We allocate resources dynamically, aligning with specific needs while optimizing costs and performance.

Quality Assurance

Our QA department systematically checks procedures implemented throughout the development lifecycle to identify and resolve issues. These tests ensure the reliability, functionality, and performance of the deliverables.

Transparent and Optimized Work Process

Our team openly communicates progress and goals and continually refines methods for efficiency. We embrace Agile methodologies to break tasks into manageable parts and prioritize needs for efficient and improved outcomes.
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Get the Custom Healthcare Software Development You Need

Healthcare Software Development Services Workflow

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Our BA provides in-depth research and analysis, collaborating with you to thoroughly understand your healthcare organization's needs, goals, and challenges.
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UI/UX Design

Our designers focus on creating a visually appealing, responsive, and functionally rich user experience for your users.
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We build robust, secure, and user-centric applications that address the unique needs of healthcare providers, patients, and administrators.
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Testing & Fixing

Our QA focuses on rigorous testing, identifying and eliminating bugs to ensure a high-quality, user-friendly healthcare app.
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We ensure a smooth rollout, user training, and feedback collection for optimized performance and user adoption.
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We prioritize user feedback and updates, ensuring ongoing technical assistance and improvements post-launch.

Our Success in Custom Healthcare Software Development

JetBase Works with:

Distinct healthcare providers and services (hospitals, private practitioners, general and surgical clinics, etc.)
Medical insurance and consultancy providers
Pharmaceutics and drug manufacturers
Online pharmacies
Medical equipment and hospital supply manufacturers
Fitness & Wellness providers
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How You Can Collaborate with Us



On an outsourcing basis, our experts take on and fully handle specific tasks or projects for you, leveraging our specialized resources and knowledge.


Through outstaffing, JetBase offers our clients the opportunity to augment their workforce with our expert professionals, without the complexities of direct hiring.

Dedicated Team

With the dedicated team model, JetBase provides a select group of our specialists who work exclusively on a client's project, ensuring tailored solutions and continuous collaboration.

Find out more about Healthcare Software Development (FAQ)

  • Why is healthcare software development important for the medical business?

  • How much does it cost to develop a healthcare app with JetBase?

  • How much time does it take to develop a healthcare app?

  • What experience do you have in designing and developing software in the healthcare industry?

  • Do you sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) for healthcare projects?

  • What are the essential factors to consider before developing a healthcare app?

  • Do you help with the business analysis of the future healthcare application?

  • Do you first create prototypes for testing before moving on to actual app development for healthcare?

  • Do you provide post-development support and maintenance?

Working with JetBase has been a pleasure. The team are responsive and deliver exceptional quality work. We approached the company with the aim of revitalizing and rejuvenating our edtech startup. Creating a user-friendly product from something complex can be quite challenging, but the team tackled this task with remarkable skill. Many thanks to them! The redesigned Validate Startup platform has significantly improved the learning experience for business students. By integrating technology with education, we have made complex business concepts engaging and easily understandable.
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Joshua Bicknell



Working with JetBase has been an absolute game-changer for our business. Their web development expertise is second to none, and they’ve consistently delivered outstanding results. From the initial project scoping to the final product launch, their team’s professionalism and attention to detail have truly impressed us. They have a deep understanding of our vision and have translated it into a stunning, user-friendly website that has greatly improved our online presence. JetBase is not just a web development agency; they are our trusted partner in achieving our digital goals. We highly recommend them to anyone seeking top-notch web development services.
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Mohammed Aloui



JetBase has given me great engineering support to augment my international team. I would highly recommend them.
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Brady Uselman


Oil Command

Looking for a software development partner for my unique project was tough since nothing like it really existed at that time. The JetBase team, with their awesome tech experience, totally got what I was aiming for. They jumped right in, helped me nail down what we needed for our MVP, and turned my big dreams into something real. They quickly got all the requirements sorted and brought the project to life. Huge shoutout to the team! I'm confident that if I ever kick off another startup, JetBase is going to be on my shortlist of tech partners!
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Andrew Shindyapin


Edible Estate

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