Generate single page application and backend based on popular frameworks in a minute.

JetBase - is an open-source extendable generator for full-stack development, which is doing simple and important work - creation fully functional initial version of project with SPA on frontend and backend on REST API.

Auto-generated full-stack application in a minute

🚀 Jetbase generator makes an easy to start full-stack development.

It lets you save time on initial configuration and general functionality development. You will get in a minute functional SPA and backend with basic functionality (login, logout, registration, user management, permissions) on one of the most popular frameworks.

    Implemented frontends:
  • React.js
  • Vue.js

    Available backends:
  • JavaScript / Express.js
  • Ruby / Ruby on Rails
  • PHP / Laravel
  • npm install -g @jetbase/generator
  • jetbase app
  • ...